Taking the plunge

My present car is a Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI, with the torque converter automatic gearbox. After 50 years of manual gearbox driving, I took the plunge and changed to automatic life, and I am thoroughly sold on it, and on the car itself. However, I do have a concern regarding which I am hoping you […]

Looking for a comfortable ride

Hope that you can help, Doctor, regarding thoughts on purchasing some new tyres. There’s plenty to read on various tyre manufacturer and retailer web sites, there are group tyre tests to read from other magazines, including some by European magazines, and there are, not that unexpectedly, somewhat conflicting reports. Could you offer any helpful thoughts, […]

Filter tips

I wonder if The Doctor might offer me a few words of advice on whether, in view of all the problems with diesel particulate filters (DPFs), I should look at having mine on my 2013 Focus Zetec 1.6 TDCi taken off, as I believe is still possible? Will it save me enough fuel to cover […]

Something lost in the translation?

Further to your letter from Dan Deakin, he was correct in saying that you do not add petrol in any amount to diesel fuel. I do recall the recent quote from a service manager of an Audi garage saying that it was in a handbook from Audi to add petrol. I was also a service […]

Soapbox – Motoring Journalism

I guess it dates me somewhat to confess that as a lad I used to buy Autocar when it was “one and nine pence” in old money (around 9p today) when a new Porsche 911 cost well under £3,000. Many young boys in those days dreamed of writing for the weekly Motor, Autocar and monthly […]

Judder and Whoosh!

I have a 2009 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso 1.6 HDi EGS which has done some 79,000 miles now. You were kind enough some time ago to reassure me over clutch slip, as this car is an EGS semi-automatic, which you appear to love. But now I have two questions: In the last few months on […]

Mixed Feelings on Diesel Brands

Some recent letters to you have been on the subject of unexplained variation of mpg figures. I too was perplexed by variations going back some 15 years. I concluded that, for my motoring style, supermarket fuels used by themselves i.e. no other fuel in the tank, resulted in a 10 to 12 per cent increase […]

Chips (NOT FRENCH FRIES) in the USA?

In your Diesel Car Magazine there are a lot of claims made for chips that make diesel engines more powerful and give better fuel mileage, and a lot of other claims. Are these all true, and are these conversions worth the money? I have a 2015 Golf TDI, and the Volkswagen dealer claims that any […]

Variable Resistance (Not a Rheostat)

Hello Doctor. I’ve been keenly reading stuff about fuel economy and economical driving in Diesel Car. One of the things that seems particularly effective is fitting eco low rolling resistance tyres, and I see that there are now ratings A, B, C etc. for these in the new EC tyre labelling regulations. Are these ratings […]

Worried of Wantage….


Dear Doctor Diesel, I would welcome your thoughts on future legislation on diesel engines, i.e. talk of scrappage schemes, charging to go into town and city centres etc. I have been driving diesel engined cars for twenty years, and my present vehicle is a 55-plate Kia Sorento, with which we tow a caravan. As I […]