How green is your EV?

I don’t really feel too comfortable about disagreeing with a colleague at Diesel Car and Eco Car, but The Editor encourages diversity of thought amongst his contributors. So there’s no threat of me “losing the whip” if I beg to differ with Bright Spark David Wilkins regarding his recent thoughts about how clean EVs are, […]

Bright Spark

How much did you pay the last time you took a car to be serviced at a main dealer? £200 or perhaps £300? How does £121 sound? That’s what I paid my local Renault dealer for the last annual service on my Fluence electric car – and even that was for the “big” service, which […]

HPI identifies five top electric used buys under £10,000

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever with May seeing an 18.7 per cent increase in the number of new pure electric vehicles registered, according to the SMMT. For motorists looking for a used electric vehicle, vehicle valuation experts at HPI have selected five of the best electric vehicles to buy under £10,000.

The new age of socket wars

Could the energy of the electric vehicle movement soon consume itself? As popularity for hybrid and EV cars continues to rise, Simon Hacker warns sparks may soon fly in the UK… 1 Individuality is a cool thing, you might say, until everyone’s doing it. Take the inexorable global rise of the electric vehicle (EV). Everybody, including […]