Ford Kuga Vignale 2.0 EcoBlue AWD automatic

It all started out so beautifully. While the idea of running a plug-in hybrid Kuga didn’t immediately thrill me, once I took delivery and I saw the number of miles that I was able to complete running solely on electricity, it won me over. I got into a routine and plugged the car into the […]

Ford goes all-in on EVs in Europe

Ford today is making a commitment to go all-in on its electric passenger vehicles in Europe and to substantially grow and electrify its leading commercial vehicle business.

Ford adds to charging network as it readies Mustang Mach-E for launch

The size of the charge network available to Ford electric vehicle drivers has increased more than threefold in readiness for first deliveries of the Mustang Mach-E performance SUV. Ford is expanding its long-standing business partnership with bp by adding pulse – the biggest public charging network in the UK – to the Ford Pass charging network.


Dear Doc,   Hope you are keeping well.   When the Ford Fiesta was having its fifth service at my local Ford dealer a couple of months ago, they told me that there was an update to be done to the car’s brain and that this would be carried out free of charge.   The […]

Warts and all

Very early in my career, as a junior reporter on a local newspaper, I was lectured by my then news editor about precisely who I served. My responsibility, he said sternly, was to honestly inform my readers, while writing skillfully enough to please my newspaper bosses – principally him! – and not to concern myself […]

A rank experience?

I wanted to tell him to get lost, but he was managing it all on his own. He had thick, bottle glasses and an ageing Volkswagen T5 minibus with seat trim weave worn smooth by the backsides of hundreds of punters. This was my latest minicab ride and the T5’s pilot was taking me to […]

Ford links with MS-RT for Ranger special edition

Ford has introduced an exclusive new model of the award-winning Ranger pick-up, developed in partnership with vehicle design specialists MS-RT. The new Ranger MS-RT “combines a motorsport-inspired appearance with a premium specification and unique, hand-finished detailing, offering customers a high-end, street-focused version of Europe’s best-selling pick-up that sits alongside the desert-race-influenced Ford Ranger Raptor at the pinnacle of the Ranger line-up”.

Ford adds chassis cab option to the Ranger line-up

Ford is introducing a new Ranger chassis cab variant for the first time, providing customers with the ability to create bespoke vehicles based on Europe’s best-selling pick-up. The Ranger chassis cab uses a body-on-frame construction, creating a tough donor vehicle that maximises the range of potential conversion options.

Ford toughens up the EcoSport with new Active models

Ford has unveiled a new Active version of the Ford EcoSport compact SUV. Featuring unique exterior and interior styling alongside increased ride height and additional body protection for greater rough road capability, EcoSport Active “will help adventure-loving customers get the most from their active lifestyles”.