A French classic

2015 is the 60th anniversary since the legendary Citroën DS was first launched onto the market, and to mark the occasion, and to celebrate the success of the newly created luxury DS brand, a beautiful DS car-shaped keyring has been created that not only looks fabulous, but is great value, too. Priced at just £6, […]

Warm jumper

As soon as the temperatures dip and the cold weather is upon us, it tends to highlight weaknesses in a car’s battery and at the first opportunity goes flat. Or perhaps you’ve been out for the evening and forgot to turn the lights off? Either scenario will traditionally need you to find the release, lift […]

Better safe than sorry

Filling up your tank with the wrong fuel isn’t just annoying, it’s expensive to get pumped out and if you’ve started the car, could potentially cause serious damage to your engine. Many new cars now come fitted with a misfuelling prevention device, but what happens if you own an older car that doesn’t? Diesel Head, […]

Highway to heaven

If you’re struggling to think of something different for the motoring enthusiast that has everything, how about this tin of treats containing chocolate road signs. With 15 assorted designs contained in every tin, the chocolate is foil wrapped to look like the signs we see scattered along the road side. Each chocolate weighs around 12.5 […]

Performance data

Fancy a Porsche, but you drive something altogether much more mundane? Apart from robbing a bank, there’s little you can do about it, but you can add a bit of panache to your document storage with these Porsche USB sticks. There’s a choice from the 918 Hybrid Spyder, traditional 911 Carrera or the latest Macan […]

Radio Ga-Ga

The switch-off of analogue radio may have been put back and back, however, there’s no arguments that DAB digital radio offers a whole breadth of new choices of radio stations that analogue listeners can only dream of. Many people will be put off switching because of the high cost of replacing the audio system in […]

Tucked up tight

With the wintry weather fast approaching, and the car show season coming to an end, if you’ve got a car that you want to lay up for the winter months, this car cover from Richbrook is the perfect way of protecting it from the elements, whether that’s out on the driveway or in a lock-up […]

Posh nosh

The famous guide to gastronomic delights needs no introduction, and is published by the same company that makes the black circular devices that keep your wheels going round. In the 2015 edition of the famous book, there’s 14 new entrants gaining a star, ranging from country pubs to the latest fashionable hangout. There’s 1,082 packed […]

Looking good

The name may be a bit cheesy, but is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin, literally. One application is claimed by the makers to last three to six months, and the wax has been named so because of the water beading properties that it displays. Manufactured in the UK, the wax […]

Gadget Inspector – A helping hand

There’s no getting away from it, we are all getting older day by day. And as we get older, mobility can become more restricted and things that we took for granted take a bit longer to do. Getting in and out of taller cars, like 4x4s, SUVs and MPVs can be more difficult and so […]