Gadget Inspector – Get some order in your life

The summer sun seems like a distant memory, the holiday a long time ago and the nights are drawing in. Strictly Come Dancing is on the television, and the shops will soon be stocked up with Christmas fayre as far as the eyes can see. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be the year that you get […]

Bubble time

A new multi-purpose cleaner from Scholl Concepts is designed to do the job of six different cleaning products, all wrapped up in one easy-to-use formula. Neon yellow in appearance, and smelling of citrus fruit, it can be safely used on car bodywork, carpets and upholstery, leather, plastics and vinyl, and can even clean microfibre cloths, […]

Clever thinking

With the laws on using your phone while driving set to tighten, it’s going to be ever more important to follow the rules if you want to avoid hefty fines and points on your licence. A new innovative mount from Osomount makes use of the CD slot of your audio system to mount your phone […]

A new claim to the throne

When you need a spray to loosen a tightened nut, or to lubricate a joint, most of us will reach for a can of WD40. It’s been the backbone of household (and car) toolkits for more years than any of us will care to remember. But now there’s a new product on the market that […]

Tonic in your tank

Just under a third of all MOT failures are as a result of problems with exhaust emissions, accounting for 700,000 failures a year. And additive experts, STP, believe their new Pre-MOT pack can reduce the risk of the car failing, especially if the car hasn’t been maintained as meticulously as it should be. Priced at […]

As the well respected Millers Oils describe it in their own words, this newly launched product is “a one-shot diesel additive to clean Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) by reducing the regeneration temperature required to allow trapped soot particles to be burnt off, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient DPF”. One 250ml bottle, costing around £10, […]

Let there be light!

Let’s face it, there’s never a good time to break down, but in common with the law of sod, it is always going to be late at night, in poor weather conditions, or when you are late for an appointment. And if it’s because of a flat battery, you’ve then got to find a kind […]

World cup fever

Even though the country is disappointed by England’s performance in the World Cup, Halfords are capitalising on the popularity of the footballing event with a brand new booster seat to carry little ‘uns with a distinct football theme. This forward-facing Graco Junior Maxi high back booster football seat is available exclusively from Halfords stores and […]

Stow securely as you go

Bungee cords have been around for years, making it easy to secure and hold awkward loads in place while on the move. The design hasn’t changed for years, but a new innovative alternative from Ring Automotive revolutionises the way you carry your load. The new BungeeClic system comprises of bungee cords and a variety of […]

Going with the flow

K&N Filters have a great reputation amongst car enthusiasts for a high quality product that delivers results, and a filter for the Honda Civic is the latest product to be announced. It fits both the newly launched 1.6 i-DTEC engines and the earlier 2.2 i-DTEC models and is designed as a direct replacement for the […]