Quintessentially British laws

In celebrating all that is British, I struggled to think how I could tie the theme in with a road traffic, legal slant. Eventually, I decided to look at some of the UK driving laws that could (admittedly, at a stretch) be considered quintessentially British. So with that in mind…   Middle lane hogging   […]

Sorry Judge, I was too wasted to give a breath sample…

This is something that we are often asked about and it is certainly an issue that raises much debate. It’s an issue you might find to be a mix of both interesting and outrageous.    It is common knowledge that if you are suspected of drink driving, you may be arrested and required to give […]

Save a life, become a criminal?

As law abiding citizens, most of us probably don’t even think about breaking the law. Occasionally however, extraordinary circumstances take hold and alter our usual behaviour. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were in a life or death situation and you felt like you needed to break the law for once?    […]


One of the most troubling things for a motorist dependent upon their licence, is the prospect of losing their ability to drive. When you consider the reasons why a motorist may lose their licence, most people will automatically assume disqualification, and whilst that is the most common instance, revocation is also a possibility. Medical conditions […]

Failing to identify driver

Q I am being prosecuted for failure to identify the driver at the time of an alleged speeding offence. On the day in question, my wife and I were driving from London to catch a ferry to the continent for a holiday. We were away for six weeks and on our return I found that a […]

Was it my fault?

Q I’m a fairly new driver ñ I passed my test a year ago ñ and was recently involved in an incident which Iíd like advice on. A few weeks ago, I was driving through a built-up area of Stockport, along a four-lane road with a 30mph speed limit, in the right-hand lane. Thereís no central […]

Red light running

Q  While waiting at traffic lights in two lanes of traffic, I was the first car before the red lights. Upon hearing blaring sirens and seeing lots of flashing lights in my mirrors, I realised both an ambulance and first responder vehicle were trapped behind my car and were right on my bumper. I drove forwards […]

Effective date of penalty points

Q  I already have nine points on my licence and have just been caught speeding again. Three points were due to expire on the 1st November, but I was caught again on the 30th October. Is the important date when the speeding offence actually occurred, or the date that it goes before the court?   A The […]

New driver and speeding

Q  A road that I use every day to travel to work has had the speed limit cut, but because I didnít realise, I have been caught speeding almost every day for a fortnight. I am a new driver ñ does it mean that I will get disqualified?   A  You do not elaborate on being caught […]

Falsely Implicated

Q  My twin brother took my car without my knowledge, got stopped for speeding by the police, and gave my name at the roadside. Because he knows all of my personal details, the policeman accepted them as being correct. I have now received a summons to court, and my brother won’t confess that he was driving […]