The Extra Mile

When we think about saving fuel, and driving to save fuel, one of the significant factors involved is too often glossed over, and that’s the origins, the quality, and specification of the fuel that we are using. How much difference can there be between different fuels from different sources? Well, we have it on good […]

Knock Knock, who’s there? Rich Oil Companies!

Hello Doctor.      I couldn’t help but think of you when I read a letter in the ìHonest Johnî letters column in last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph. Someone wrote in asking about the benefits of using premium petrol in his BMW 535i, and was told that premium petrol would give him up to 10 per […]

Yorkshireman asking for free advice

Over the years, I have appreciated the advice of Diesel Car in helping to choose the right vehicles and how to maintain them. At the moment, in the family we have three Skoda Fabias, all of them with 1.9 TDI engines, and for many years I have used the recommended Millers engine oil. This is […]