Tech Talk – Turning up the power

Future Audi models need more juice according to Ulrich Hackenberg, the brand’s boss of Technical Development. Not the kind you put in the filler nozzle, you understand, but the kind flowing out of the alternator.

Tech Talk – Jaguar Land Rover goes on Special Operations

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the launch of a Special Operations division to meet the needs of its more discerning customers. Similar to Mercedes-Benz’s AMG, it will be an independent team with its own state-of-the-art facilities. Based at a £20 million Technical Centre at Prologis Park, Ryton, around 150 specialist engineers and technicians will enjoy […]

Tech News Round up

VW snaps up mobile know-how Volkswagen is taking over Blackberry’s research and development centre in Bochum, Germany, as part of its efforts to improve vehicle connectivity. VW believes your car will soon connect with your home, office, petrol stations, car parks and even other cars to make life easier, and help avoid holdups.     […]

Audi makes suspension work harder

Over more than a century of motoring history, suspension has had just two tasks. Firstly it was invented to stop gentleman’s teeth from rattling loose and their hats falling off. Next, as speeds grew, engineers tweaked the suspension to improve the roadholding and poise. Apart from an ongoing evolution, that was pretty much that. Until […]

Tech Talk Round Up

Control appliances from your Toyota Forgotten to set-up the TV recorder or left the drier on? Toyota is partnering with electronics giant Panasonic to connect its cars to a cloud-based network, which could soon let customers operate home appliances on the move. A first launch of the technology is expected as soon as this autumn. […]

Google reveals driverless car

Google, once just the world’s biggest Internet search provider, could soon become a car maker after revealing its own self-driving prototype. Since 2009, Google has been testing autonomous vehicles, and you may have seen pictures of its fleet of Toyota Prius’ and Lexus RX hybrids. These sensor-covered cars have notched up more than 435,000 test […]

Land Rover previews transparent bonnet technology

Yes, you did read the title correctly. And, before you start thinking Land Rover has hired a new chap called Derren Brown, or that its engineers have come up with a see-through replacement for aluminium, we should tell you that the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept’s ‘transparent bonnet’ is in fact possible thanks to augmented reality.

Tech Talk Round up

Nissan’s self-cleaning car No sooner have you cleaned your car and it’s dirty again. That’s unless Nissan’s testing of its self-cleaning Note goes well and hits the mainstream. In fact, self-cleaning is misleading, as the aim of the super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating (that’s water and oil repellent) is to stop the dirt sticking to the […]