Company focus: Autohaus Campervan conversions

The business of campervan conversions is a fierce one – Britain loves its campers like arguably no other nation and the UK is home to dozens of conversion companies, big and small. One such company is Autohaus Van Conversions, based on the North Somerset coast, in Minehead.

Choosing the right tow car

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to narrow down a few specifics about what you need your tow car to pull. There’s a big difference between an occasional run to the dump with some hedge clippings, to pulling a full size caravan. The two most important things to consider is weight and torque. Most […]

Cost Conscious Camper: A Master Makeover

Have you ever been told not to pick at something? “Leave it alone”, “don’t touch that” – it’s the kind of advice dished out in a stern voice by your mother.

Euro Trip: Taking your Camper to the Continent

It’s never been easier to travel to continental Europe thanks to the Eurotunnel and the increased competition it’s created for ferry travellers. Before you venture across the channel it’s worth taking some time to prepare for your road trip, however.

Towing Electrics

Most of us now accept that a towbar is a safety critical piece of equipment. Today, the best quality towbars are produced in highly efficient factories utilising precision manufacturing systems, in a quality controlled environment which has to meet the exacting standards of vehicle manufacturers.

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