The Extra Mile

Let’s take something of a drive into the future, and consider the principle of economy driving when cars have become electric, and potentially fully autonomous. Maybe general attitudes will be that electric cars are very efficient and economical, and the energy they use so cheap, that saving fuel won’t really be considered relevant. Range and […]

Limping home

I have taken my ’59 plate Scirocco, which I have had from new, back to the main Volkswagen dealers, as the engine warning light came on after it went into limp mode. The car is a Scirocco GT TDI 140 with 69,000 miles on the clock. They have informed me that it needs a new […]

North of the Border

It’s really good to see Diesel Car keeping up with developments in alternative fuel in Eco Car, and I have a feeling that in a year or two there’s going to be a sudden uptake of electric vehicles ñ something that the government could easily accelerate, if they only used some money sensibly to encourage […]

It’s all white: for now, at least

The colour of our car matters enormously to us, but are we subject to changing fashions without even realising it? Craig Thomas investigates.   A car’s colour is important to us when we’re making a purchasing decision. It might not consciously be primary among our concerns – economy, reliability, safety and, increasingly, technology tend to be […]

Gathering winter fuel

Now that summer is over, I thought I ought to update you on my experiences in using summer, rather than winter, diesel in my Kia Venga. When I was last in touch, (Issue 333) in early April, I reported running through a tankful of Esso diesel at the rate of 51.2mpg registered on the on-board […]