Updated VW Golf costs less

Order books for the updated VW Golf have opened, with the option of new engines, more technology, improved connectivity and revised styling. Volkswagen says the new models cost an average of £650 less than the outgoing car. Diesels start at £19,770 for the three-door Golf s 1.6 TDI. The updated cars will arrive in UK showrooms towards the end of March

Diesel bashing again

Hello Doc I’m sure that you’re as concerned as I am to have read phrases in the press recently like ìall diesels are illegalî and the like. I know that this is related to the real world tests that are going to be involved soon in testing for nitrogen oxide emissions, and I think that […]

VW’s Golf is a grand bargain this summer

Volkswagen is helping British motorists ease into the summer holiday spirit with a new Solutions PCP offer that allows buyers to secure a generous £2,000 deposit contribution.