Dear Doc, This might seem like an odd question, but does diesel go off? Stupidly, I filled my CR-V with diesel just before the lockdown was introduced and the car has been off the road ever since. By the time the lockdown has been lifted, it could be three or four months of inactivity for […]

Bruvver with bovver

Hi Doctor.  My brother, who lives in Spain, has had to have a new DPF and ECU on his Toyota Yaris D4-D. It has done some 93,000 kilometres. There was a similar problem around 2,000 kilometres before and the dealer just did a forced DPF clean. But this time he was doing 100kph on the […]

Weekend Update: 9th-13th March 2015

While Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some, it’s not in the world of diesel as it ends another busy week of news! Here’s our new round-up for the past week.

Toyota turn to tickles for Red Nose Day

It gives you mirth not miles per gallon and its emissions are guffaws, chortles and sniggers rather than exhaust gases. Welcome to the world’s first ticklish car, courtesy of Toyota and Mr Tickle.

Weekend Round Up

Get up to date in the world of diesel for the past week with our weekend round up for the week 22nd-26th September.

Toyota are ready to beat the banks

Better even than the Bank of England’s historic low rates, Toyota is offering a new nought per cent APR (representative) promotion on new Yaris and Auris models, together with attractive service packages and deposit contributions.