Bright Spark

Here’s an interesting contradiction. Electric cars are a fresh, new, fast-changing technology, but most of the well-known models spearheading the electrification drive are now getting decidedly long in the tooth. Take the Nissan Leaf, which dates back the best part of a decade to 2010. Or the Renault Zoe and the Tesla Model S, which […]

New Renault Zoe can go the distance

A new Renault Zoe with a 250-mile range – the longest of any mainstream electric vehicle – was unveiled in Paris today and will go on sale in the UK in November.

Updates for Twizy and ZOE

Renault has updated the trim levels of two of its three electric vehicles on sale in the UK – the ZOE supermini and urban Twizy – to bring them into line with the company’s combustion-engined vehicles and create a more uniform grading structure across all the brand’s models.

Renault’s ZOE gets revised range

The Renault ZOE’s range has been extended to a best-in-class 149 miles (240 kilometres) courtesy of a new lighter and more compact ‘R240’ electric motor and an optimised electronic management system.

Renault revise E.V packages

Renault UK is today introducing new ownership packages with two of its most popular electric vehicles as part of its determination to make Z.E. (zero emissions in use) mobility flexible and accessible to the widest number of drivers.

ZOE and Leaf reach the peak on MPG Marathon

The electric vehicles taking part in this year’s MPG Marathon demonstrated how cost effective and reliable they were by completing the course in virtually the same time as their competitors – but by using less energy and with no pollution.

Weekend Round-up July 21st-25th

Diesel Car brings you the week’s news in one handy post. WeekendNews_Icon Here’s our weekend round-up for the week of 21st-25th July

Zoe’s wall box takes charge

Renault was the first manufacturer to offer a free domestic charging point with a new fully-electric car, and it looks like it could be the last.

Renault to lead the UK Pod Point charge

As the undisputed leader in European electric vehicle sales, Renault is poised to spark yet more interest in zero-tailpipe-emission transport as its ZOE supermini drives an arduous 2,000 miles around the UK in just 17 days.