Peugeot 5008 GT BlueHDi 180

Report 9 Enjoy yourself, the song advises, itís later than you think. This might as well have been the email from the chap who controls Peugeotís media fleet when I received a discreet nudge about our 5008’s return date. The

Long Term Report 2018 – Dacia Duster Comfort Blue dCi 115 4×2

First Report If you were asked to name which brand has the most enthusiastic owners, you’d probably name one that’s aspirational such as Mercedes-Benz or Land Rover ñ or perhaps Volvo with its slightly left-field reputation for attracting connoisseurs keen

Long Term Report 2018 – Audi Q5 S line 2.0 TDI quattro

Report 9 To my eyes, the latest Q5, along with the current Q7 already look dated; and itís Audiís own fault thanks to their new Q8 SUV coupÈ. The Q8 is properly, properly cool (if you can forgive its enormous

Long Term Report 2018 – Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC SR

Report 7 The family hatchback has to be a jack of all trades, with the best of them being masters of every discipline that an owner will throw at it. Over the past few months weíve been putting the Civic

Long Term Report 2018 – Mazda6 Tourer GT Sport Nav+

Report 3 It was time to up sticks and move to a new house this month, so itís no exaggeration to say I was glad the Mazda6 was a Tourer, rather than the saloon. It was certainly a much more

Long Term Report 2018 – Citroen C4 Cactus Flair BlueHDi 100

Report 2 I received some strange looks from my peers when I said Iíd be swapping an Audi Q5 for some quality time in a CitroÎn C4 Cactus. Granted, Iíve lost 86 horse power in the process, but Iíve also potentially

Long Term Report 2018 – DS 7 Crossback Prestige BlueHDi 180

Report 3 Those of you with an eye for detail might notice that the Diesel Car long-term DS 7 has turned a funny colour. Gone is the SAS stealth-spec black-on-black look, replaced with this shiny silver-on-silver colour scheme. And it

Long Term Report 2018 – Skoda Karoq SE L 1.6 TDI DSG Automatic

Report 2 My family consists of a six-foot four husband and two girls under the age of eight, and both seem to be growing right before my eyes. Blink and theyíve grown a few inches more, and while we managed

Long Term Report 2018 – Volvo V60 D4 Inscription

First Report It would be hard to forget our first acquaintance on UK roads last summer with the new Volvo V60. It was on a launch drive in Yorkshire, and a slight deviation from the intended test route found us

Long Term Report 2018 – SEAT Ibiza FR 1.6 TDI

Report 4 If there’s one thing I enjoy about driving new cars, itís the speed at which windows demist on cold or damp mornings. In older cars, the combination of poor window seals, ineffective blowers and a lack of air

Long Term Report 2018 – Peugeot 5008 GT BlueHDi 180

Report 8 My motoring month has been one of bloke and machine in pretty harmonious cohabitation. In fact, Iíve been thinking about knocking together one of those coffee table books that gets discounted to 49p in garden centres: Mindful Motoring

Long Term Report 2018 – Audi Q5 S line 2.0 TDI quattro

Report 8 Winter has arrived and the amount of standing water on the roads is considerable. In a parallel universe there would be an extra ësmug modeí added to the Q5ís Drive Select system which, when activated, would allow owners

Long Term Report 2018 – Kia Stinger GT-Line S 2.2 CRDi

Final Report Last October, I went on one of the most memorable and surreal work trips to date. We headed Stateside to the Mojave Desert in California. As well as being home to the Mojave green rattlesnake, a highly venomous

Long Term Report 2018 – Dacia Logan MCV Stepway Lauréate dCi 90

Final Report When our Dacia Logan MCV Stepway was delivered back in July, it was meant to be with us for just a few weeks while our new Duster was built. Those few weeks stretched to more than four months,

Long Term Report 2019 – SEAT Ibiza FR 1.6 TDI

Report 3 From memory, the SEAT Ibiza is my first Diesel Car long-termer not to feature either parking sensors or a reversing camera. You kind of grow accustomed to the obligatory beep as you select reverse gear, before completing the